Ask This Old Guitar

A picture of a 1950's Gibson RoyaltoneThere is something about playing an old guitar that just provides the musician with a different feel. Whether it’s the aesthetic appeal of a vintage instrument, or the crafted handiwork to which it was assembled, it seems that some old guitars simply influence my ability to play.

I have heard it said that certain guitars just have songs in them. Neil Young talks about his Martin D-28 that once belonged to Hank Williams in his song “This Old Guitar”. You wonder what an old instrument like that would say and the stories it would have if it could speak. Well there is a place that is full of guitars that are sure to have stories and character all their own.

In the midst of the tourist trap country stores and endless array of Honky Tonks and restaurants that make up downtown Broadway Nashville TN lies a gem of a music store. Gruhn Guitars sits on the corner of 4th and Broadway nestled across from the Bridgestone arena just down the hill from the Ryman.

While most of the inventory is far out of my price range I found that what I was looking for could fit right in my budget. Off the beaten path of vintage Martins and Stratocasters was a small case full of Electric Lap Steel Guitars. In the front of this display was a beat up brown Gibson that looked right up my alley. With a almost rounded over worn headstock and a partly warped bottom side it had looked like it had been played a few times. And it had for almost 60 years. This early 50’s “Royaltone” guitar was just what I needed to mimic the sounds of David Lindley playing “Running on Empty” or Greg Leisz on “For the Summer”.

Looking forward to furthering the journeys of this guitar and hope I can add to its story.


2 responses to “Ask This Old Guitar”

  1. mary says:

    What an amazing heritage we have in this country with old guitars and people who played them. I personally would love to hear all the even ‘unknown’ folk songs that must have populated this country in the last couple of centuries, even. Anyways what a great looking guitar and would love to hear how it sounds.

  2. Theresa says:

    How much is this pictured steel guitar worth?