Music Personality Test

I have had many opportunities for people to tell me what kind of person I am. I’ve been categorized via animal characteristics such as of a beaver, a lion, an otter, and even a Golden Retriever. I have answered pages of questions just to find out if I’m introverted or extraverted. But this is no sociology or psych class, I suggest there is a far more fun and easy way to conduct a true personality test. Read more »

Out with Old, In with the New

I heard somewhere once that Ray LaMontagne was quoted as saying (paraphrase) “I never listen to my first album, ‘Trouble’.” His reasoning was simple – although he enjoyed writing and creating the music for that album, it wasn’t anywhere near the depth of the music he writes now.

When I first heard that, I didn’t understand how he could think that way. Wasn’t he proud of his album? Wasn’t he satisfied with the outcome of months and years of hard work? It seemed so puzzling. After all, “Trouble” is the album that really brought him to the forefront of the folk music scene. Read more »

We’re opening for Jeremy Camp and Steven Curtis Chapman at the Rock the Light festival!!!

Rock the Light

On Labor Day Weekend September 2-4, 2011 the Barren River Trio will be playing the main stage at the Rock the Light Festival in LaCygne, KS and we’ll be opening for Jeremy Camp and Steven Curtis Chapman!

Check out Rock the Light! for more info about the event! They have an amazing line up of artists for the Labor Day weekend and the event is going to be amazing.

People will arriving from all over to camp that weekend to enjoy fellowship, music, and food. There will be a stage, pool & waterslide, tent city, cabins, private lake, the Blob, 600 acres of hiking trails, vendors, discussion tents, community board and much more!

Make your plans now so you can attend. We’d love to see you there! Let us know if you’re going to be there!

Album Release Shows a Success!

The Barren River Trio has just released their debut EP “Shine The Light”. Much thanks to all that attended our album release shows in Tampa, FL and Bowling Green, KY.

Look for BRT who will be performing in Nashville, TN and Muscle Shoals, AL these next few weeks. Kicking off in the rich music town of Muscle Shoals, Alabama at the Trojan House. Then spend your saint patty’s day with the boys at the French Quarter Cafe in Nashville. Then back to NashVegas at Picks on April Fools Day.

3/12 The Trojan House- Muscle Shoals, AL
3/17 The French Quarter- Nashville, TN
3/19 Swampers- Florence, AL
4/1 Picks- Nashville, TN

Demo being mixed

Several people have been asking when we will have a cd available for sale. We finished recording the new Barren River Trio 4 song demo at the House of David studio in Nashville on Dec 11, 2010.

We had a great time in the studio and special thanks to Adam Taylor for doing a great job engineering the session. It was a long day but we got a lot accomplished.

The demo is in the process of being mixed and if you catch us at one of the shows you may be able to snag a premixed copy for $5. Check out the video of us singing our rendition of “Fly Like an Eagle” while we were in Atlanta over the weekend.

The Road Home

Thanks everyone at FC! We had such a great time playing for you at “Whatchamafallit.” Special thanks to everyone that supported us by buying shirts. How cool was it that Mr. President Buddy Payne bought a shirt and wore it! That was awesome!

Were about 2 hours from arriving at home and listening to the Cold Mountain soundtrack.

The Lord has greatly blessed and we are so thankful for a safe trip so far. If your traveling for the holidays please be safe and may you have a blessed thanksgiving. Let’s remember those who have less and reach out to them not just during this holiday but regularly throughout our lives.


Spent time in the DP Media Group studio last night recording ‘Time Weighs On’…Rough copy sounds great so far! EP should be ready to go by the end of this week.