Music Personality Test

I have had many opportunities for people to tell me what kind of person I am. I’ve been categorized via animal characteristics such as of a beaver, a lion, an otter, and even a Golden Retriever. I have answered pages of questions just to find out if I’m introverted or extraverted. But this is no sociology or psych class, I suggest there is a far more fun and easy way to conduct a true personality test. All you have to do is search through ones ipod or stepping back into time a little, ones CD collection. You see I believe that the music that you listen to in many ways determines your personality type.

I can hear the protests to this hypothesis already but think about it; take a person that you know fairly well and then think of what is “their music”?. There can be a number of answers to this question. Some would say “I listen to everything” well, maybe you’re an “everything” type of person. And my rebuttal question would be “are you really listening?”.

Are you listening to background noise, or are you truly being moved (in any way) by what you allow your ears to hear? I know others (few) that don’t really listen to music at all, which if you knew them would be my case in point. Or maybe your that person that takes pride in not listening to the mainstream sound. I would venture to say that in many cases that same “against the grain” listener is most likely “against the grain” in many other aspects of life.

Most people nowadays own a wide range of music, but if your like me there are specifics songs and artists that get the majority of plays on my itunes catalog. What does your play tally say about you? Is your personality type linked with your choice in music? Take a listen and determine for yourself.


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