Moonlight on the Mountain

It’s tricky finding good venues. It’s got to be a cool place, the vibe has to be right, it has to be full of people, and most importantly THEY have to want YOU to come out because they like your band. We have played some pretty nice venues, but we are always looking for new places to try out.

In late summer we played Moonlight on the Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama. Keith, the owner, has spent a lot of time and effort to keep Moonlight strictly how he feels a music venue should be. It might be one of the coolest concepts for a venue that I have ever seen; but what’s crazy is how simple it is. Moonlight is neither a bar, nor a restaurant. It is a smoke-free listening room that caters to the listener. Not to mention, all you have to do is step out the front door for an amazing view.

Walking in, the first thing you notice is the living-room feel that this place puts off. There’s a fireplace that wraps around to the sitting area for shows, and the audience is able to sit a good five feet from the artist. It is easy to get the impression that they were going for an “unplugged” feel when setting up the place. But the kicker with Moonlight is that people come ONLY for the music. They aren’t interested in food, drinks, or getting rowdy, they want to listen and get close to the artist. Its places like this that are a real pleasure playing, and we hope to be able to go back and pack the place out.

If you’re reading this and are thinking, “I know of a place JUST like Moonlight that would be perfect”, please let us know. We are always fishing for the outstanding venues, wherever they might be.