Out with Old, In with the New

I heard somewhere once that Ray LaMontagne was quoted as saying (paraphrase) “I never listen to my first album, ‘Trouble’.” His reasoning was simple – although he enjoyed writing and creating the music for that album, it wasn’t anywhere near the depth of the music he writes now.

When I first heard that, I didn’t understand how he could think that way. Wasn’t he proud of his album? Wasn’t he satisfied with the outcome of months and years of hard work? It seemed so puzzling. After all, “Trouble” is the album that really brought him to the forefront of the folk music scene. Read more »

BRT @ the Historic Rail Park in Bowling Green, KY

Special thanks to Joel and Katie McAfee! They did a great job putting this video together for us. Joel and Katie are a great team and recently picked up the award for WKU Two Day Film competition for the short film “Txt 2 Me”.

Check out more at McAfee Productions.

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