The Band

There is a fine line between a group spinning its wheels for years, and really making something big happen with their music. While I wouldn’t call us a “bar band”, we have been playing smaller gigs for going on a year and a half now. Given, we have had a handful of bigger shows that really seemed to help us out with meeting the right people.

“The Band” (above) is a big influence on the way that our music sounds. They started as a backing band for Ronnie Hawkins from ’58-’63. When they left Hawkins in ’64, Bob Dylan took notice and they began to back him on a world tour, and then for a few informal recordings in the late ‘60s. In an interview lead guitarist Robbie Robertson said, “We spent 8 years in dives, pubs, and smaller places. Then, we spent 8 more playing arenas and stadiums”. Eight years is a long time to be grinding away at getting your music out there, but it seems like most hard working bands have to go through this phase before they can make an impact.

Recently I was asked what my goal is with all of this music business, and honestly it was the first time I had actually sat down and thought about it. When we first started making music I was along for the ride, and just wanted to see where it might go. But now I think I have more specific goals in mind for the group and for myself. My goal for us is to get our music out to as many people as possible, and to keep creating more of it. I certainly have no dreams of striking it rich, but I would love for my living to be made from something that I love doing. And it seems like lately we are getting closer to being able to do that, with new and bigger show opportunities that are coming in the springtime.

Robertson also said, “It is an impossible life (living on the road), it’s no way to live. I can’t imagine being on the road for another 20 years”. I hope to never be on the road for 20 years, but I do hope to be able to do what I love.

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