Vinyl Is Better

Last time I mentioned finding an old 45 with a demo song written by my great Grandpa. I did some more looking through old lyrics and copyrights, and I found out that I was actually wrong about who wrote the song. My Grandpa wrote the song sometime in the late 60s, and it is called “Out of the Shadows”.

The studio owner’s name was Don Ross; in the recording, he is the one who is doing the singing. My Grandma kept everything on file, and believe it or not, I found the studio’s pricing list from the 60s.

The list has things like:
– Record piano/vocal single – $10
– Vocal (with trio – guitar, piano, drums) single – $30
– Lyric revision – $5
– Piano arrangement (with chords) – $15

Given, the dollar was worth a lot more back then. But still, it’s amazing to think that recording was ever that cheap. Today if you’re looking to get some recording done, it will generally run about $90/hour. If you’re pretty comfortable with recording, you could maybe get a full song recorded with several instruments in a couple hours. Also, it’s common to pay a separate amount to get mixing and mastering done; things can add up quickly.

But anyway, I’m going to test Stu’s tech-savvyness to see if he can get the sound file of this old recording to attach to this blog. Oh and if you like what you read and want us to keep writing more, make sure you tell us what you’d like to read more about! Take care and safe travels. ~Andrew

3 responses to “Vinyl Is Better”

  1. BRT Mom says:

    I love it! Who would ever think I’d here one of my dad’s songs on the internet!
    And who would ever think vinyl would be back in style!
    Love your blog too, babe, good job ; )
    And kudos to Stu’s tech-savvyness!

  2. Marge Bumstead says:

    Andrew what a great find! I hope you always follow your talent. Great Grandpa Jones played many instruments and Grandpa Kiefer played the harmonica and tapped on glasses with spoons. He used to write the words to songs and hum them for Grandma and she would play it on the piano. He would write the music on staff paper. Keep up the good work! Aunt Marge

  3. Merrie Spencer says:

    I love it, I remember sitting and listening to Mom and Dad write the music to Dad’s lyrics. Keep it up Love Aunt Merrie